How to Get the Best Mattress for your Dollar

Smart shopping helps you find the best mattress at budget-friendly prices.

How to Get the Best Mattress for your Dollar

Everyone wants the best mattress, but few people know how to go about getting the right one to meet their individual needs. Moreover, most consumers are woefully unprepared to find a mattress sale discount or even the free extras that are often available to sweeten the deal.

The result is most people end up paying too much for a bed that doesn’t help them meet sleep goals. Worse, the bed may be poorly designed or constructed with low quality or even dangerous materials that can have a negative effect on personal and professional lives.

Why do people do this? It seems so simple, buying a new mattress. And that is the first trap people fall into – underestimating the complexity of the product. Modern mattresses are highly innovated systems that offer comfort and therapeutic benefits not possible in previous generations. There are more bed varieties available today than ever before and the market is constantly evolving as new innovations are introduced. Sticking to the same old budget-brand beds can lead to uncomfortable nights and money wasted on frequently replaces beds.

To be honest, navigating the buying process can be intimidating, even overwhelming considering all the types and brands. But that doesn’t have to be the case. With the right tools, anyone can find the best mattress to provide years of enjoyment at a price that won’t break the bank. Don’t forget to check out our tips on checking mattress reviews when you start shopping.

Determine the Best Mattress for Your Needs

The first thing you need to do is narrow down the type of bed you want to consider for purchase. To do that you must know the world of mattresses no longer revolves around traditional innerspring varieties. There are many new contenders and virtually every older brand is aggressively re-imagining the form and function of its collections. The result is a dynamic marketplace with significant consumer choice.

Brief descriptions of the major mattress types:

    • Innerspring: Spring or coil mattresses have been the standby for many decades, and feature various configurations of metal springs for support with layers of padding on top for comfort. This type of bed, while often cheaper, must be replaced more frequently than others and can cause painful pressure points and alignment-related back and joint pain.
    • Memory foam: Polyurethane or plant-based, memory foam is comprised of millions of open cells that provide a body contouring sensation that has been described as “cloud-like” and deter surface motion transfer. These mattresses generally get high marks but depending on the brand, some people feel constrained or complain memory foam sleeps too warmly.
    • Latex foam: These mattresses can be made from all-natural or synthetic materials; however, the attributes most highly regarded about latex mattresses are associated with 100% natural varieties derived from the milky sap of the rubber tree. While a significant investment, all-natural latex mattresses are highly durable, hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and resistant to dust mites and mold.
  • Water bed: Waterbeds rely on vinyl or rubber chambers filled with water for support. The baffled structure and fiber layers available in modern water beds ensures users are properly supported and won’t bottom out or experience any internal wave effects. Waterbeds come in hardside models for traditional wood frames and encased softside models for modern furniture.

Which is the best mattress for you?

Many reputable dealers, and a number of independent blogs, provide through their websites tools that allow the consumer to view side-by-side comparisons of amenities offered by various mattress collections. Especially for people with specific needs – medical conditions or allergies for example – this can be a valuable tool for finding the best mattress.

Each of these models offers specific values and therapeutic benefits that could make them the best mattress for your dollar. Once you’ve decided which bed will be best for your particular set of needs and desires, it is time to find the best deal available.

How to Get The Best Mattress Deals

    • Many retailers offer their best mattress deals during holiday sales (around major holidays like Black Friday, Labor Day, Presidents Day, etc). Try to plan on buying during these periods to reap added savings.
    • Shopping online can also be a viable path to mattress discounts. By eliminating overhead, online retailers frequently are able to offer high quality mattresses at significant savings compared to traditional brick and mortar showrooms.
    • Check online deal websites frequently for coupons and promotions.
    • Sign up for email newsletters from your preferred brand or retailer to get notified about sales.
    • Customer reviews, especially the ones posted on independent sites, can have an immeasurable effect on the consumer’s ability to avoid pitfalls and ultimately choose a mattress that will live up to expectations. Don’t lose money on an uncomfortable bed.
    • With the economy continuing its sluggish recovery from recession, it is still a buyer’s market. Don’t be afraid to ask your preferred retailer for a price match if a more economical option is discovered. Many retailers will agree to the mattress discount in order to secure business in an unpredictable buying environment.
  • In the same vein, buyers should always ask how the deal could be sweetened by the retailer. Even if a mattress cannot be discounted, retailers may be able throw in pillows or even sheets as a value-added element to the sale. It never hurts to ask, and many times you won’t get extra incentives without asking.

A little planning and before-the-purchase homework can give the consumer a considerable edge when shopping for a new mattress. Follow these essential tips and it won’t be hard to get the best mattress for your dollar.

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